What my students tell about me

An ideal way if your target consists of learning Spanish fast, in an efficient and pleasant way. Especially, I like the flexibility, the adaptability and the positive attitude of Patricia (teacher) in each situation.

She is completely open for every road you want to walk on, in order to make Spanish your favourite language.

The lessons are always original and entertaining. On top of it, she has a lot of educational material to explain the secrets and the individuality of the Spanish language.

Technically, the communication method (Skype) works very well, and this is important and not self-evident.

René Jacobs, Belgium

My goal was to better understand the Spanish language and above all to communicate. Every week I have one hour “lesson” with Patricia where we mainly talk about everyday things. Peppered with some grammar which is of course necessary.

It is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which I gradually get better in the Spanish language.

Patricia is not only the “best Spanish teacher” but also the most fun! ¿Aprender español? Creo que es muy divertido con Patricia 😉

Sonja Kornet, The Netherlands

I like a lot the idea of learning Spanish via Skype. It is comfortable from home or anywhere else you are. Patricia is very flexible regarding the schedule so you always find a suitable time.

The lessons are individually tailored to your wishes and needs. It is a lot of fun and the learning effect is great. I highly recommend it! 

Sarah Stetefeld, Germany

Patri is definitely the best Spanish teacher I have had, and I am a tough student, because I am also a language teacher! Her lessons are well planned, interesting and dynamic, yet also rigorous, so I really feel like I finish each class really having improved. She always manages to spontaneously incorporate some new idea or activity if the need arises to help me understand something better, or if I need more practice with a particular language point that is challenging me. Recently Patri has been a great help with my academic Spanish, as she has been preparing me for the C1 DELE exam and I feel like my writing has improved a great deal thanks to her.

Eliyos Ruile, Australia

Patricia is a dedicated teacher, patient, flexible, friendly and very professional. The private Skype classes enable me to study at home, in my comfort zone, with a tailor made lesson plan.

As the Internet has no restrictions, I can attend class everywhere therefore I can also study during my holidays.

Being a native teacher Patricia also teaches me about Spanish customs and habits. Living in Spain this comes in very handy for me!

If you want to learn Spanish fast, in your own environment through lessons adjusted to your needs, then Patricia is the best Spanish teacher for you too.

Jeannette Bouwer, The Netherlands

Patri started teaching me Spanish way before she became my teacher. I met her a few years ago when I didn’t speak any Spanish. She was the one who insisted we communicated in Spanish in spite of that, and helped me improve a lot.

She is really patient as a teacher, makes use of “suggestopedia” and is also very determined to have you find your way to express yourself and thus activate your existing vocabulary and grammar. She also provides a lot of interesting material for homework and in class. It usually includes good visualization of grammar and vocabulary, interesting texts and exercises.

Learning with her is highly effective and entertaining. You can improve considerably quite fast.

Roussie Alexieva, Bulgaria

Patri has been my teacher for two and a half years. Throughout the time I have improved my Spanish by frequent conversations with topics that just fall for. She is good at finding grammar that suits my level. A nice way to reconcile conversation and grammar.

Connie Hartig, Denmark

My greatest fear was talking with Spanish people, because I was afraid not understanding their answers. With my lessons with Patricia I have lost that fear.
The lessons never are boring, we talk about daily subjects which I like very much.
For me working at a hospital with irregular schedules making appointments with Patricia is easy.
We even have met in real life, when I visited her hometown.
It’s really a pleasure having lessons from Patricia, she has my strong recommendation!

Esmeralda van der Schee. The Netherlands

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